Exoplanet Observations with the E-ELT 2014

ESO Garching, Germany, 3 – 6 February 2014

24 de Octubre de 2013

Exoplanet research is one of the major science drivers for the future European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). This community workshop will explore the science cases and the planned capabilities of the E-ELT in the field of exoplanet research. The aim is to provide a synthesis of the goals to be achieved by the E-ELT with its planned instrumentation in the field of exoplanets and the most relevant issues in exoplanet science for the next decade. Topics to be discussed include: initial conditions for planet formation; planetary populations determined from detection surveys; characterisation through resolved imaging and direct and transit spectroscopy and the search for habitable planets.

Further details here or by email to The registration deadline is 15 November 2013.

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From one "alien world" to another
From one "alien world" to another