The "Life in the Universe" programme

Video eso0126a is a trailer for the Europe-wide "Life in the Universe" programme. It touches upon some of the main issues and includes statements by members of the Experts' Panel.

The "Life in the Universe" programme is being mounted in collaboration with the research directorate of the European Commission for the "European Week of Science and Technology" in November 2001.

Competitions are already underway in 23 European countries [2] to find the best projects from school students between 14 and 18. The projects can be scientific or a piece of art, a theatrical performance, poetry or even a musical performance. The only restriction is that the final work must be based on scientific evidence.

Two winning teams from each country will be invited to a final event at CERN's headquarters, in Geneva on 8-11 November, 2001 to present their projects to a panel of International Experts at a special three day event devoted to understanding the possibility of other life forms existing in our Universe. This final event will be broadcast all over the world via the Internet.


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