ESOcast 74: Mapping the Southern Skies

30 April 2015

ESOcast 74 looks at ESO’s pair of survey telescopes at Paranal: the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) and the VLT Survey Telescope (VST).

These telescopes chart the southern skies in search of the proverbial needle in the haystack: rare astronomical objects, such as hidden star clusters and remote quasars.

Unlike larger telescopes, which examine small areas of the sky in great detail, survey telescopes scan broad areas quickly and efficiently, creating huge archives of valuable data that astronomers can scour for items of interest.

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Editing: Herbert Zodet.
Web and technical support: Mathias André and Raquel Yumi Shida.
Written by: Christopher Marshall, Richard Hook and Herbert Zodet.
Narration: Sara Mendes da Costa.
Music: Toomas Erm.
Footage and photos: ESO, S. Guisard (, Y. Beletsky (LCO), G. Hüdepohl (, L. Calçada, B. Tafreshi (, VISTA, J. Emerson and Digitized Sky Survey 2, N. Risinger (, INAF-VST/OmegaCAM/G. Lombardi (
Acknowledgements: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit, Martin Pugh, OmegaCen/Astro-WISE/Kapteyn Institute, Davide De Martin.
Directed by: Herbert Zodet.
Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen.

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Screenshot of ESOcast 74
Screenshot of ESOcast 74


ESOcast 74: Mapping the Southern Skies
ESOcast 74: Mapping the Southern Skies