Come to the Dark Side, we have stars | Chasing Starlight 8

Perhaps you didn't know, but astronomers are fighting for the dark side. For them, the darkest places on Earth aren’t filled with evil and aggression, just uninterrupted views of the cosmos. Unfortunately, such places are under threat from light pollution.

Join ESO astronomer, Suzanna Randall, in the latest episode of #ChasingStarlight to learn about light pollution, what causes it and how we can mitigate it.

00:00 Dark vs. Light
00:38 What is light pollution
How light pollution affects our view of the night sky
The perfectly dark sky
Satellite constellations' impact on astronomy
Satellite constellations' impact on planetary defence
How can we preserve the night sky & what ESO does for this


Directed by: Luis Calçada, Martin Kornmesser, Martin Wallner
Hosted by: Suzanna Randall 
Written by: Claudia Sciarma, Thomas Howarth, Bárbara Ferreira
Editing: Martin Kornmesser, Luis Calçada
Videography: Angelos Tsaousis
Footage and photos: Star Wars (1977), Directed: George Lucas; Written: George Lucas; Produced: Gary Kurtz; Production company: Lucasfilm Ltd.; Distributed: 20th Century-Fox, M.Kornmesser, L.Calçada, ESA, NASA, SpaceX, Delft Technical University/M. Langbroek, Victoria Girgis/Lowell Observatory, P. Horálek, C. Malin, NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research,, Laboratory/CTIO/AURA/DELVE
Music: Videvo
Animations & Infographics:  Luis Calçada, Martin Kornmesser
Web and technical support: Gurvan Bazin and Raquel Yumi Shida
Scientific consultancy: Andy Williams, Olivier Hainaut, Mariya Lyubenova
Promotion: Oana Sandu
Filming Locations: ESO Supernova (

Produced by ESO, the European Southern Observatory (

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