Paranal - April 1998

This video clip shows scenes from the Paranal Observatory, obtained on April 10 - 15, 1998.

The video starts with some aerial sequences, obtained from a low-flying helicopter. The Base Camp is seen in front of the Paranal mountain and the enclosures for the individual 8.2-m Unit Telescopes are shown in close-up.

Then follow some scenes from the integration work on Unit Telescope no. 1 (UT1) - see also the photos included in UT1 First Light Event Photos - Second Set, just published on the web. These video clips concern in particular the handling of the large and fragile Zerodur mirror and its supporting cell - still photos of this procedure have been published as ESO Press Photos eso9813 and ESO Press Photos eso9814.

At the end is shown an evening shot with the telescope enclosure profiles against a clear sky.



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Release date:30 April 1998
Related releases:eso9815
Duration:02 m 25 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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