Unveiling the invisible Universe trailer (Fulldome)

For thousands of years the humans observed the light coming from the night sky with their eyes. In the beginning of the 17th century, the invention of the telescope by Galileo revolutionized our knowledge of the Universe. Finally, in the 20th century with the advent of rockets, it became possible to go above the earth’s atmosphere and observe X-ray and gamma ray radiation which are the marks of the hot and violent Universe. But it is not only light that can give us information about the cosmos. Neutrinos and cosmic rays also provide vital information. Finally, the detection by the LIGO experiment of gravitational waves from two merging black holes opened a new window in astrophysics. This video presents images of the cosmos as revealed by all these different messengers.


Film Director: Theofanis Matsopoulos (www.matsopoulos.com)

Script/Scientific Advisors: Dr. Vadim Burwitz, Dr. Maite Ceballos, Marco Faccini, Dr. Ioannis Georgantopoulos, Prof.  Stavros Katsanevas, Nicolas Matsopoulos, Dr. Lorenzo Natalucci, Prof. Paul O'Brien, Dr. Edwige Pezzulli, Dr. Luigi Piro, Dr. Ektoras Pouliasis, Dr. Francesca Spagnuolo, Dr. Natalie Webb

Music: Costas Papageorgiou (www.costaspapageorgiou.net)

Narration: Gregory Patrick Karr  

Produced by: Integrated Activities in the High-Energy Astrophysics Domain (AHEAD2020)

This project is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovationprogramme under grant agreement No 871158




Audio Album: Unveiling the Invisible Universe

Poster: Unveiling the Invisible Universe

Fulldome show: Unveiling the Invisible Universe


Integrated Activities in the High-Energy Astrophysics Domain (AHEAD 2020)/T. Matsopoulos

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Publicatiedatum:20 juli 2021 13:29
Duur:01 m 14 s
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Type:Early Universe : Cosmology


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