ESOcast 86: Dr. J Becomes Prof. J

19 July 2016

ESO is host to a diverse range of talents. Find out how the ESO community works across so many fields to remain at the cutting-edge of astronomy.

Astronomy has long since moved beyond star gazing. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has been operating for over 50 years, and is involved in some of the most innovative telescope projects both on and off the Earth. It takes a battalion of scientists and technicians, as well as teams devoted to public outreach, human resources and administration, to maintain this level of success. Professors, fellows and PhD students together forge the future of research. ESO’s flagship project, the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), one of the most ambitious astronomical engineering projects ever undertaken, is pushing this diverse ESO community towards achieving even greater heights.

By following the career path of Dr. J. as he progresses from Dr. to Professor, this ESO podcast highlights the wide variety of roles undertaken by ESO employees.

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Screenshot of ESOcast 86
Screenshot of ESOcast 86


ESOcast 86: From Dr. to Professor -- about the important role of ESO’s community
ESOcast 86: From Dr. to Professor -- about the important role of ESO’s community