The BlackGEM array at ESO’s La Silla Observatory

This montage of drone and stationary footage shows the three telescopes of the BlackGEM array at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. This site lies at an altitude of 2400 meters in the Atacama Desert and gives astronomers pristine observing conditions.

The BlackGEM array can quickly scan large areas of the sky to find a source that has emitted gravitational waves detected by LIGO and Virgo. The telescopes were built by a consortium of universities: the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy, KU Leuven in Belgium and Radboud University.



Editing & Drone Footage: Angelos Tsaousis
Footage: Luis Calçada, Herbert Zodet
Music: Fifth Dimension — Nuclearmetal Planetarium

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Data publikacji:16 maja 2023 13:30
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Czas trwania:41 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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