Europe to the Stars (fulldome)

Europe to the Stars takes the viewer on an epic journey behind the scenes at the most productive ground-based observatory in the world, revealing the science, the history, the technology and the people.

Discover the European Southern Observatory in a story of cosmic curiosity, courage and perseverance; a story of observing a Universe of deep mysteries and hidden secrets; and a story of designing, building and operating the most powerful ground-based telescopes on the planet.

The movie focuses on the essential aspects of an astronomical observatory, while offering a broader view of how astronomy is done. From site-testing to locate the best places in the world for observing the sky, to how telescopes are built and what mysteries of the Universe astronomers are revealing.

We encourage the community to produce their own translations and narrations. The script and split audio files are supplied to the right. We welcome receiving copies of the translated scripts and audio files to share with the community.

A high-end German narration and mix is available on-demand from Hamburg Planetarium.




Director: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Music: Music Jennifer Athena Galatis. Orchestra Conducted by Jennifer Athena Galatis.
3D Animation and Graphics: Martin Kornmesser, Luis Calçada & Theofanis Matsopoulos
Sound Effects and Mixing: Konstantino Polizois
Producer: The European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Executive Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Script and Scientific Advice: Govert Schilling, Lars Lindberg Christensen & Nicky Guttridge
Scientists: Dominika Wylezalek & Mariya Lyubenova
Narration: Sara Mendes Da Costa

German Translation:
Hamburg Planetarium (Thomas Kraupe)/PrimeTime Studios

Spanish version (Castillian):
Produced by: Hamburg Planetarium.
Narrator: Eva Maria Arteaga

Czech version:
Czech translation and recording supervision: Adam Fišer (Planetárium Ostrava)
Sound supervision: Petr Pokorný
Narration: František Strnad, Jana Zajacová, Markéta Haroková
Consultant: Soňa Ehlerová
Recorded at QQ studio Ostrava 

Italian version:
Produced by:
Voice: Zeudi De Togni

Japanese version:
Producer: MiC PARIS (
Translation: Tadashi Mori, Makiko Endo
Narration: Nyoko Mizuki, Reiko Muratsubaki
Cooperation: Informatique LLC (


We gratefully acknowledge footage and images from a long range of the world’s most talented photographers, artists and scientists:

ESO/M. Kornmesser
ESO/L. Calçada
ESO/H. Zodet
ESO/T. Matsopoulos
ESO/Babak Tafreshi/TWAN (
Y. Beletsky (LCO)/ESO
ESO/M. Zamani
ESO/F. Kamphues
ESO/C. Malin (
ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/NRAO/General Dynamics C4 Systems
LWL-Planetarium Münster/Northdocks/Hubert Klahr/MPIA
ESO/G. Hüdepohl
ESO/S. Gillessen/MPE/Marc Schartmann
N. Risinger (
Christoph Malin (
José Francisco Salgado (
Alexandre Santerne
VISTA/J. Emerson, Digitized Sky Survey 2
Stéphane Guisard (
NASA/Spitzer Science Center/R. Hurt
Rainer Lenzen/MPIA Heidelberg
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Berlin by KolBerlin
Davide De Martin
Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
ESO/H-H. Heyer
T. Preibisch, R. Fosbury (ST-ECF)
OmegaCen/Astro-WISE/Kapteyn Institute
A. Fujii
J.-B. Le Bouquin et al., D. Coe (STScI)/J. Merten (Heidelberg/Bologna)
Gemini Observatory/NRC/AURA/Christian Marois et al.
M. Janson, Jean-Luc Beuzit, IAC (SMM) and ESPRESSO consortium
UltraVISTA team, TERAPIX/CNRS/INSU/CASU, World Wide Telescope.

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Fecha de publicación:13 de Agosto de 2018 a las 14:17
Duración:31 m 22 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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