Out There: The Quest for Extrasolar Worlds (Full dome trailer)

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The material is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



Director and Executive Producer: Marc Horat
Audio Recording and Postproduction: Ueli Thalmann
Music: Patrick Habermacher & Ueli Thalmann
Narration Editing: Lukas Thalmann
Recorded at: Thalmann Synchrontonstudio, Lucerne, Switzerland
Production Support: Ueli Thalmann, Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESO), Guido Schwarz (NCCR PlanetS/Universität Bern), Willy Benz (NCCR PlanetS/Universität Bern), Pierre Bratschi (NCCR PlanetS/Université de Genève)
Storyline: Marc Horat

Proof Reading German: Ueli Thalmann, Iris Kronenberg and Willy Benz, Christoph Mordasini, Sylviane Blum (Universität Bern/NCCR PlanetS)
German Voices: Irina Schönen & Thomas C. Gass

English Script and Proof Reading: Tom Barrat, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Paola Amico (ESO) and Marc Horat
English Voices: Anne Wilde & Trevor John Roling

French Translation: Lionel Ruiz (Planétarium de Marseille), Frédéric Graf (Stardome Aigle), Jean-Yves Marchal (Université de Strasbourg) & Pierre Valat (GAP 47 Montayral)
French Voices: Jeanne Ferreux & Olivier Vuille

Italian Translation: Cristiana Cattaneo & Matteo Soldi (Planetario e Osservatorio Astronomico di Cà del Monte)
Italian Voices: Christiane De Micheli & Alessandro Tini

Mandarin version produced by: China Science and Technology Museum, Bejing

3D Modeling and Texturing:
Probes, Images, Comics & Books: Luis Calçada (ESO)
CHEOPS model: provided by the European Space Agency (ESA), Textures by Luis Calçada (ESO)
Real time astronomy models and digital starfields: Digistar 5 from Evans & Sutherland
Kuiper belt (L7 data): Justin Bartel (Science Museum of Viginia), Kavelaars et al. (2009), Petit et al (2010) & Gladman et al. (2010)
Open Clusters: Dias W. S., Alessi B. S., Moitinho A. and Lépine J. R. D. (2002)
Globular Clusters: William E. Harris, McMaster University
Tully Database: Brent Tully, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
The Digital Universe: American Museum of Natural History

Image Credits and Sources:
Panorama Gornergrat, Zermatt: Markus Eichenberger
Panorama Bern: Jürg Gosswiler
360° footage Genève & Bern: Marc Horat 
MRO, Pathfinder, MSL, Spirit & Opportunity: NASA/JPL
Mars Express: ESA
Mars map: Giovanni Schiaparelli
Exoplanet images: ESO VLT, ALMA & La Silla Observatories, NASA, ESA & P. Kalas (University of California, Berkeley and SETI Institute)
War of the worlds illustrations: Alvim Corrêa

VLT & ALMA Timelapses: ESO/T.Matsopoulos
Exoplanet Detection Methods: NASA Kepler Mission/Dana Berry, ESO/L. Calçada
Exoplanet Dataset: PHL (University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, 2016)

Books & Texts:
L’histoire comique contenant les états et empires de la lune: Cyrano de Bergerac, National Library of France
竹取物語 (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter)
Somnium: Johannes Kepler
"Ruby amphitheater" published in the New York Sun
Ἀληθῆ διηγήματα: Lucian of Samosata
The Man in the Moone: Francis Godwin
Radio play inspired by War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells, Orson Welles & Howard E. Koch)
Comics inspired by golden age originals published by Avon & Planet Comics, edited by Luis Calçada (ESO)


Japanese Translation: Tadashi Mori/MiC PARIS © 2018

Created with Evans & Sutherland Digistar 5

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